Your Path Towards a Healthy, Happy, and Balanced Life.

Experience a More Caring, Personal Approach to Health and Wellness for Your Entire Body...Inside and Out.


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By combining proven, science-based healthcare with a holistic approach to wellness, Paul Gerst L.Ac. and Cindy Meeske LICSW help individuals who would like to progress towards a goal of true happiness. Children, teens, and adults turn to The Balanced Path Wellness Center because they want to end the feeling of worry and anxiety, or they want to become symptom or pain-free …or want to finally relax and enjoy life without the stress.

Adapting to the needs of each person, they use safe, effective, natural healthcare to treat issues affecting both mind and body in a friendly, accepting, and supportive environment.

Paul and Cindy provide a range of services, focusing on the interconnectedness of the body, mind, emotions, and spiritual energy. Use the contact form to get started.

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Paul Gerst L.Ac. 774-283-2726
Cindy Meeske LICSW 774-573-1644

“Our mission is to move you beyond the relief of symptoms and bring about optimal function and well-being through a comprehensive, personalized plan that includes proven approaches and techniques to effectively address mind, body and spirit.”

Cindy Meeske LICSW

Psychotherapist & Reiki Master Teacher

Cindy is highly-skilled in treating trauma, depression, and anxiety. Many of her clients are attracted to her because of her focus on energy and her spiritual work.

Clients find comfort in Cindy’s nonjudgemental approach, especially those in the LGBT community who turn to her experience dealing with gender and sexuality issues. She has extensive training in trauma and welcomes new clients with past care that has been unsuccessful.

Contact Cindy directly by calling 774-573-1644.


Paul Gerst L.Ac.

Acupuncturist & Natural Health Specialist

Trained in multiple natural health systems, for 25 years Paul has been treating some of the most difficult, chronic health problems for his patients.

Rather than using a technical approach to acupuncture, as is common with many practitioners, Paul exceeds his patients’ expectations by using a holistic approach to natural healthcare, helping them find better ways to solve individual issues in ways they might not have imagined.

Contact Paul directly by calling 774-283-2726.